Car mirror been stolen?


Well we at Auto Mirror Guard have a solution for you. Its not every day that you’ll hear about the car mirrors being jacked or even if those mirrors are ever found because in reality, that’s already gone by the time many of us can file a report. We look to provide a mechanism that would make it harder for thieves to get away with your mirrors. Thieves looks for an easy route to steal something and go but with our guards they’ll have to do a lot more to somehow get away with your mirror. It’s either now or never and that split second decision can lead to your vehicle’s mirror being stolen or staying saved.

All it takes is one nudge from a finger at the base of your mirror and in as little as 10 seconds, your mirrors can be gone and never heard of again. With Auto Mirror Guard you are able to buy something no mainstream company will sell you because many are not fixated on these stolen mirrors or prevention, but we at Auto Mirror Guard look forward to fixing your problem by providing a prevention method to mirror theft problem. Visit our website at and remember “mirror guards protect your cars mirrors.”



Feeling Insecurity?

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Have you ever had a feeling of insecurity about your vehicle? Did you ever think that maybe you forgot to lock it or that maybe one of the windows was left open by accident? Millions of people have such a feeling every single day. However, after seeing their cars fully secured, they begin to relax. They remind themselves to make sure that they lock up their cars and roll the windows shut. However, you car IS NOT fully secured ever! We are talking about that one part of your car that is prone to theft regardless of the doors being locked or all the high-tech trackers within your car. We are talking about your side mirrors, a part of the car that has been known to be completely broken off by vandals to be sold. Sounds crazy? Never heard of such a thing? Although it is unknown by many, thousands of people around the world come to their cars to find their side mirrors missing. This is because of the side mirror theft market where thieves come and sell the side mirrors of cars, earning a good amount of money by doing so. These people do not wish to steal your car, rather they simply break off both side mirrors of the car and can sell them, making a good amount of money.

So what now. Should you stop going to mall, or should you stop cleaning your car with the hope that the thieves would not want to touch a car covered in bird poop and dust. Should you start parking in well lighted parking areas or park where they have more security cameras. But guess again, it could happen to anyone anyplace. Welcome to the world of car mirror thieves!!

So what to do? Should you wait till the mirror thieves target your car? Secure your car’s side view mirrors with, today or your car mirrors may be their next target tomorrow. Our product lets you keep peace of mind, regardless of where you are.

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The History of the Side Mirror

Side-view mirrors have come along way through time and paved the way for safety on the road. They’ve gone by many names such as the fender, wing, and door mirror, of course all describing the essential driving aid. Now in the 21st century, in the age of some of the most innovative cars, the side-view mirror will either be augmented or replaced by other names.


The history of the side-view mirror can be traced back to 1911 when Ray Harroun equipped his Marmon racecar with a mirror.  Though he can be attributed to being the first person widely known to use a mirror, the first patent for the car mirror was actually given to Elmer Berger in 1921, which commonly attributes him to being the inventor of the device. Side-view mirrors were often mounted to the front fenders and side mounted spare tires or even the top of the driver’s doorframe. Now, in the current movement of modern machinery they are most often positioned near a car pillar.





In the ’60s cars did have side-view mirrors but those were only located on the driver side. Side-mirrors have come a long way since then as your scope of vision to the rear end of the car can be extended without a further strain to look behind you at a car or pedestrian that could be in your blind spot. They even come equipped with lights that indicate that you are turning or moving into another lane, also sensors that alert the driver from inside the car if a crash is about to occur are also now being seen. More recently newer models come equipped with cameras on the sides as well for viewing through a screen on the dash. The side-view mirror is also equipped for manual or remote control for vertical or horizontal adjustment. Even though history has brought the side view mirror far, thefts still occur and usually nothing comes up. A small screwdriver preferably rubberized is all it takes for you to be a victim of side view mirror jacking and it’s only a matter of time before these matters get worse. 


Avoid Traffic Ticket.

In New York traffic police issues tickets to cars that are driven or even when parked without mirrors. So why spend the money on replacing a new mirror without fitting an “Anti-theft Mirror Guard”. Can you believe that you could be fined for not having a mirror in the case that it got stolen, not to mention the costs that would come out of your pocket to get a new one? But even if your insurance covers it, the worry that somehow you could be robbed of your mirrors once again is enough to ruin a perfect day. But why let trouble happen when you can prevent your mirrors from being stolen and go to sleep at night knowing that your car will be the same way you left it from the night before. So why not invest in auto-mirror guards, the investment could go along away, besides who knows, maybe one day those guards could just protect you from being the next victim of a robber.

It’s best to always be prepared and we at Auto Mirror Guard believe your car should be prepared as well, for the local grocery store and your neighborhood. We here at Auto Mirror Guard wish you a safe and happy 2018.

Customer Say


‎Maria Felicier‎ to Auto Mirror Guard, my ORDER NUMBER: 3057
September 28, 2017  RAV 4 2013-2017 (#TRAV41316)
October 9 at 9:41pm ·
I bought myself a 2017 Toyota Rav4, got it out the dealer went home and parked my car. Not even 8 hrs later these thieves stole my passenger side mirror!!!😠😠😠 I spend $65 for it to replace it. My son saw your ad on fb nd told me about it. I went to the web and looked in to it. Next morning I called spoke to Wajid Syed very professional, j e asked me to send him a picture of my mirror a nd 2 days later I received them. Then I ran into some problems no one wanted to put them on for me, so guess what I called him again. He went out his way from Texas to locate someone for me in the Bronx, and he did. Went in on Sund at morning and for them put in. He is the got to guy. I recommend him to every one.

Top 11 Reasons to buy Anti-Theft Guards for your Car Mirrors


Why buy an Anti-theft guard? Well with this article we’ll present you some reasons to buy a guard mirror and how it can help you protect your car and save money.

Top 11 Reasons to buy Anti-Theft Guards for your Car Mirrors

  1. Price may seem like an issue, but the cost of one mirror is over twice the price of a guard set. Sounds like a bargain if you’ve had to replace mirrors.
  2. Anti-theft guards protect your car’s mirrors wherever you go and it wouldn’t be a smart idea trying to drive to work without them.
  3. Anti-theft guards send a message of awareness and thieves tend to stay away.
  4. Some news media reports even state that, “it takes less than 30 seconds to swipe a mirror.”
  5. You’ll be worry free when going to areas with your car that you used to avoid.
  6. We all have to park our cars one way or another, whether its at the mall or your local coffee shop, there are always thieves around and its best to be protected.
  7. Its possible your insurance company may deduct the amount you pay on your annual premium if you let them know that your car’s fitted with Anti-Theft Mirror Guards.
  8. We all hope to see our cars safe and sound in the morning, so why not sleep soundly at night knowing your cars are safe with a mirror guard?
  9. There’ll be no need for you to have someone watch over your car or even security cameras installed just to see that your car is safe from this sort of vandalism.
  10. Having a guard fitted to your vehicle can automatically increase your car’s value when the time comes to sell.
  11. You’ll feel safe and at ease when taking road trips or going over to another state or country knowing you have a mirror guard.


We realize you still might not be hooked on the idea to buy a mirror guard. Some might even think that they’ll never be in this sort of a situation. But we hope that these remaining facts can clear up some of your doubt:

  • Approximately every 49 seconds a mirror is stolen from a vehicle.
  • Every 3 hours a swiped mirror is reported.
  • Spending $99 on sale (Retail $199.99) to get mirror guards is a bargain compared to spending $250 to $350 for one mirror (for most luxury cars)
  • Money won’t be wasted towards deductibles and your time in dealerships getting mirrors fitted.
  • No more suspicions of watching people around your car.
  • Police say their is an aftermarket for mirrors but they’re not able to pin-point locations or make enough arrests to put a dent in this odious crime.
  • Once a thief knows your car is protected, they’ll stop hanging around.


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Research numbers are collected through combining several media reports.