The History of the Side Mirror

Posted by Sarah Kahan on  January 16, 2018
Category: Auto Mirror Guard
Side-view mirrors have come along way through time and paved the way for safety on the road. They’ve gone by many names such as the fender, wing, and door mirror, of course all describing the essential driving aid. Now in the 21st century, in the age of some of the most innovative cars, the side-view mirror will either be augmented or replaced by other names. The history of the side-view mirror can be traced back

Car mirror been stolen?

Posted by Sarah Kahan on  November 11, 2017
Category: Auto Mirror Guard
Well we at Auto Mirror Guard have a solution for you. Its not every day that you’ll hear about the car mirrors being jacked or even if those mirrors are ever found because in reality, that’s already gone by the time many of us can file a report. We look to provide a mechanism that would make it harder for thieves to get away with your mirrors. Thieves looks for an easy route to steal

Avoid Traffic Ticket

Posted by Sarah Kahan on  November 9, 2017
Category: Anti-theft guards
Believe it or not. In most cities and specially in New York city police issues traffic tickets to autos that are driven without mirrors or even when parked without one. So why take a chance knowing and not protect your mirrors from theft by simply fitting them with  “Anti-theft Mirror Guards”. Mirrors are expensive specially most new luxury cars. Even if your insurance covers most of the cost, what people do not realize until they

Feeling Insecurity?

Posted by Sarah Kahan on  November 8, 2017
Category: Anti-theft guards
Have you ever had a feeling of insecurity about your vehicle? Did you ever think that maybe you forgot to lock it or that maybe one of the windows was left open by accident? Millions of people have such a feeling every single day. However, after seeing their cars fully secured, they begin to relax. They remind themselves to make sure that they lock up their cars and roll the windows shut. However, you car
Why buy an Anti-theft guard? Well with this article we’ll present you some reasons to buy a guard mirror and how it can help you protect your car and save money. Top 11 Reasons to buy Anti-Theft Guards for your Car Mirrors Price may seem like an issue, but the cost of one mirror is over twice the price of a guard set. Sounds like a bargain if you’ve had to replace mirrors. Anti-theft guards