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Why buy an Anti-theft guard? Well with this article we’ll present you some reasons to buy a guard mirror and how it can help you protect your car and save money.

Top 11 Reasons to buy Anti-Theft Guards for your Car Mirrors

  1. Price may seem like an issue, but the cost of one mirror is over twice the price of a guard set. Sounds like a bargain if you’ve had to replace mirrors.
  2. Anti-theft guards protect your car’s mirrors wherever you go and it wouldn’t be a smart idea trying to drive to work without them.
  3. Anti-theft guards send a message of awareness and thieves tend to stay away.
  4. Some news media reports even state that, “it takes less than 30 seconds to swipe a mirror.”
  5. You’ll be worry free when going to areas with your car that you used to avoid.
  6. We all have to park our cars one way or another, whether its at the mall or your local coffee shop, there are always thieves around and its best to be protected.
  7. Its possible your insurance company may deduct the amount you pay on your annual premium if you let them know that your car’s fitted with Anti-Theft Mirror Guards.
  8. We all hope to see our cars safe and sound in the morning, so why not sleep soundly at night knowing your cars are safe with a mirror guard?
  9. There’ll be no need for you to have someone watch over your car or even security cameras installed just to see that your car is safe from this sort of vandalism.
  10. Having a guard fitted to your vehicle can automatically increase your car’s value when the time comes to sell.
  11. You’ll feel safe and at ease when taking road trips or going over to another state or country knowing you have a mirror guard.

Blog-11-reason-picWe realize you still might not be hooked on the idea to buy a mirror guard. Some might even think that they’ll never be in this sort of a situation. But we hope that these remaining facts can clear up some of your doubt:

Research numbers are collected through combining several media reports.


Well we at Auto Mirror Guard have a solution for you. Its not every day that you’ll hear about the car mirrors being jacked or even if those mirrors are ever found because in reality, that’s already gone by the time many of us can file a report. We look to provide a mechanism that would make it harder for thieves to get away with your mirrors. Thieves looks for an easy route to steal something and go but with our guards they’ll have to do a lot more to somehow get away with your mirror. It’s either now or never and that split second decision can lead to your vehicle’s mirror being stolen or staying saved.

All it takes is one nudge from a finger at the base of your mirror and in as little as 10 seconds, your mirrors can be gone and never heard of again. With Auto Mirror Guard you are able to buy something no mainstream company will sell you because many are not fixated on these stolen mirrors or prevention, but we at Auto Mirror Guard look forward to fixing your problem by providing a prevention method to mirror theft problem. Visit our website at and remember “mirror guards protect your cars mirrors.”

Here are few stories published in news papers about car mirror theft.


Side-view mirrors have come along way through time and paved the way for safety on the road. They’ve gone by many names such as the fender, wing, and door mirror, of course all describing the essential driving aid. Now in the 21st century, in the age of some of the most innovative cars, the side-view mirror will either be augmented or replaced by other names.


The history of the side-view mirror can be traced back to 1911 when Ray Harroun equipped his Marmon racecar with a mirror.  Though he can be attributed to being the first person widely known to use a mirror, the first patent for the car mirror was actually given to Elmer Berger in 1921, which commonly attributes him to being the inventor of the device. Side-view mirrors were often mounted to the front fenders and side mounted spare tires or even the top of the driver’s doorframe. Now, in the current movement of modern machinery they are most often positioned near a car pillar.


In the ’60s cars did have side-view mirrors but those were only located on the driver side. Side-mirrors have come a long way since then as your scope of vision to the rear end of the car can be extended without a further strain to look behind you at a car or pedestrian that could be in your blind spot. They even come equipped with lights that indicate that you are turning or moving into another lane, also sensors that alert the driver from inside the car if a crash is about to occur are also now being seen. 

Rav415LLMore recently newer models come equipped with cameras on the sides as well for viewing through a screen on the dash. The side-view mirror is also equipped for manual or remote control for vertical or horizontal adjustment. Even though history has brought the side view mirror far, thefts still occur and usually nothing comes up. A small screwdriver preferably rubberized is all it takes for you to be a victim of side view mirror jacking and it’s only a matter of time before these matters get worse.


Here are few stories published in news papers about car mirror theft.