Customer Testimonials


SANTA FE SPORTS — 2013-2018 #5751G 

It was very frustrating to walk up to my car and discover that my driver side mirror  and passenger side mirror were stolen. My neighbor has ordered from and her mirror covers look great. I am looking forward to receiving my new side mirrors. These new mirror covers will give me peace of mind that my mirrors will never be stolen again.  The customer service at Auto Mirror Guard has been amazing. I received my mirror guards in 2 business days. I am so happy with my mirror guards. I have convinced my brother to order a pair for his car.



Came out of my home one day and my BMW Mirrors was gone. I never thought it would happen but I was wrong. So I searched online and found several Mirror guards but certainly didn’t like the look of them. It just wouldn’t look right on a BMW. So I finally came across the Mirror Guards and was sold it doesn’t look out of place on my vehicle. I get stopped all the time in parking lots and other people always ask where I purchased from and price of them. When I inform Of the price people say that’s expensive And I tell them it’s better than purchasing a new set of mirrors then they would have a little bit more understanding.


Tell us about our customer service, along with a mirror theft story and send picture of fitted guard and get AMG Polo shirt shipped free.



Best Investment you can ever make living a  city like N.Y. with a side mirror theft problem. I ordered my set of mirror guard, easy to install. Excellent customer service.
Thank you



I am very happy with my purchase. My mirror was stolen twice in the past 6 months. This caused a strain on me mentally and financially. After that I was paranoid, jumping out of my sleep in the middle of the night running downstairs to check on my car. That’s when a friend of mine told me about mirror guards and I decided to invest. I knew the cost was over my budget but the peace of mind is worth it. I love my mirror guards and have referred friends and family.


T. F.  August 21, 2019 

I had my mirrors stolen while I was attending a Mets game.That made for a very crappy drive home as cutting across 3 lanes of traffic with no side mirrors is not fun or safe. Some wires on one of the mirrors were also damaged so between new glass for one side, and the entire mirror setup i was out about 300 dollars plus a lot of time waste. 

I suggest prevention is better than cure. Check them out


J. W.  May 18, 2019 

My mirrors were stolen off my car and I ordered the mirror guards days after I replaced my mirrors. The delivery was quick. I absolutely love the guards. They fit and look great on my car. Now if feel a little more comfortable parking my car on the street of where I live. 
Thank you! 


W. B.  February 26, 2019 

My 2018 Accord mirrors have been stolen 2 times in the last 6 weeks, take a look at the picture how horrible it looks and new assembly is very expensive.

I thought mirror guards were expensive that is why I did not buy them in the first place. I now realize they are not at all expensive, but cheap considering the trouble I have gone through, will pay any price for feeling secure. 


E. M  May 17, 2019

My mirrors was stolen once set me back $528.00 so i ordered the mirror guards they fit perfectly and look nice.


J. Ortiz

I want to thank Wajid Syed for helping me with my order and and answering all my questions before I made my decision if this was the right choice and it was. Here in New York city mirrors are always stolen and my Son’s Toyota rav4 mirrors was one of them. So I found this company Auto mirror guard and I ordered the mirror guards and it was the best thing I did, they look like it’s part of the frame of the side door mirror. It was easy, all you need is a punch hole tool and a long skinny phillip screw driver and done. Well worth it.