Steve delima!!!

Categories: Anti Theft Side View Mirror Guard For Cars Trucks And Suvs

Steve is an accountant and working in Manhattan for over a decade.

He drops off his three young children to school every morning on his way to work. He barely makes his ends meet with his and his wife’s salaries paying for mortgage, car payments, and very high car insurance because of living in NY metro area plus other home expenses.


It was Tuesday when he was leaving work and when he reached his car he realized someone had stolen his car side mirrors.


Steve got upset as it was dusk and driving back home during Manhattans traffic would be high risk. He called the police and made a report and then started driving home.


Steve felt extremely stressful as he could not see who is on his sides. Taking the exit was extremely dangerous as cars in high speed passed him almost running into him. As he got home he started thinking about his tomorrow morning drive with young children putting them at risk.


Steve was afraid to get into an accident, he may get injured and loose his job, his kids can get hurt, and car insurance can go up.


Steve started googling looking for a mirror theft protection device and found a site based in USA


They not only shipped the guards overnight but also provided a place where he can take the car to get the guards professionally fitted. His problem was solved within 48 hours and now he could drive safely while keeping himself and his family safe.


Here are few stories published in news papers about car mirror theft.

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