Warranty Returns:
The Signal® mirror is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from date of sale to original purchaser. This warranty excludes labor, broken glass, or other situations that cause harm to the product after it has been shipped from the factory—such as damage, unreasonable use, modifications, or alterations. In the event of a defect, Muth reserves the right to evaluate the problem through Quality Control and at Muth’s discretion, replace the defective product. Any warranty replacement part will be charged to the customer when shipped. Credit will be given when the defective part is returned to and received by Muth, and the replacement is warranted. Warranty covers replacement cost of product only.

Return Policy
• Please obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number within 30 days from the date of original purchase. Return Authorization numbers are good for 30 days. No return will be allowed if the return request exceeds 30 days from he date of purchase.
• Any product returned without a Return Authorization Number will be refused.
• All products returned in the original packaging, in a new and unused condition with all parts, labels and instructions included will be credited the original sale price less 15% restocking fee.
• Any product returned in a used condition with contents missing or damaged during shipping due to not following return packaging information provided  will not receive credit.
• Shipping charges on all returned merchandise must be prepaid. Credit will not be given on shipping and handling charges.
• When returning merchandise that was ordered by mistake or for any other reason, we will deduct regular shipping/or any promotional Free shipping cost.

• Here are some tips to consider prior to performing your installation:
• Verify that you have the correct kit for your vehicle.
• Work in an area that will allow you to open your doors wide without damaging them on walls, benches, another vehicle, etc.
• Wear safety glasses and gloves.
• Make sure you have use of either a voltmeter or a test light so you can verify that you have the correct wires prior to making the connections.
Read the instructions!
If you are installing the Wide Angle Signal Mirror®, Brake Module, H-MOD or MultiFunction Module, keep in mind that the instructions for these kits do not contain specific wiring directions and you will have to determine the correct wires yourself. You may be able to get wiring information from your dealership or a business that specializes in 12 volt accessories. You can also “pull” your tail lights and see what color wires are there to see if those same wires are available under the dash area. If you’re not sure, it’s recommend to seek professional installation.
If you are unclear about something with the instructions, please request help.

Note: Professional Installation Recommended, Warranty does not cover damage to the vehicle or mirror housing due to improper installation. The Following installation instructions are to be considered as a guide only. Door removal procedures, indicator Wire color and location may have changed since publication of these instructions. The installer is Responsible for any damage that may occur during installation.
For more information, please contact:
Muth Mirror Systems, LLC.
PO Box 418
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0418

At any time, you can first check the function of a Signal® Mirror with a 9-volt battery by connecting directly to the pigtail behind the mirror. If the mirror lights up, the problem is located with the wiring in the vehicle.
•Signal® Mirror(s) won’t activate with the vehicle’s turn signal:
•Check to see if the Signal® Mirror is plugged into the wire harness behind the mirror glass
•Test the connection behind the Signal® Mirror by probing for power
•Verify the Signal Mirror® wire harness was not damaged or cut during installation
•Check the connections to both the vehicle’s turn indicator wiring and the ground
•Probe the vehicle’s wire that was tapped and verify it’s the correct wire
•Signal® Mirror(s) worked for a period of time after installation and stopped working:
•Check to see if the Signal® Mirror is plugged into the wire harness behind the mirror glass
•Test the connection behind the Signal® Mirror by probing for power
•Verify the Signal Mirror® wire harness was not damaged or cut
•Check the connections to both the vehicle’s turn signal wiring and the ground
•The fuse “blows” when the turn indicator is activated (check the side that causes the fuse to blow):
•Check the Signal Mirror® harness for a bare wire that may be contacting the body of the vehicle
•Check the wire tap to be sure the metal jumper is still covered and not contacting the body
•Check the Signal Mirror® harness to see if it has been pinched and the wire insulation may be damaged allowing the wire to contact the body Wire colors and/or location of wires the instructions say to tap are not correct:
•Check for a bundle of wires that may be wrapped up hiding the wire colors
•Pull the tail-lights and probe there to determine what the wire colors are; try to find that color in the same location that’s been called out in the instructions
•Check in the door sill on either side of the vehicle for the correct wire color(s) from the instructions and probe to verify they are the correct wire(s)

Q: I don’t see an answer to my question. How can I contact Muth Mirror Systems?
A: Go to our Contact Us page to see all of the ways to contact us!

Q: I see a mirror size listed; how do I compare to my mirror?
A: You will need to measure your mirror from the lower outboard side to the upper inboard side for each mirror on your vehicle. If there are multiple sizes listed, selecting the correct size is critical to assure a proper fit. If you only see one size, it’s likely your vehicle only has one mirror available from the factory. (It doesn’t hurt to measure if you’re not sure.)

Q: I already have Signal Mirror®. What is the best way to care for them?
A: The best way to keep your Signal® mirrors looking brand new is to use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. If you are cleaning the painted or chromed surfaces of your mirror housings, use a proper cleaner.

Q: Can I return or exchange an S-MOD (custom kit) order?
A: S-MOD kits are built on demand for your specific vehicle. For this reason, all sales are final. There are no returns or exchanges for this type of kit.

Q: Are Signal® mirrors street legal?
A: Yes. As a matter of fact, many sheriff and police departments use and enjoy the additional safety provided by Signal Mirror® technology.

Q: How are the LEDs in the Signal® mirror powered?
A: Power for the LEDs in Signal® mirrors are supplied from the left and right turn signal circuit in your vehicle.

Q: I have a 2010 model year vehicle. Your Signal Mirror® kit covers up to 2009. Will it still fit?
A: It’s possible. Most vehicle manufacturers change body styles and trim packages every couple of years. If the style of the mirror housing itself has not changed from 2009 to 2010, there is a good chance that the Signal Mirror® kit will work. Every year we verify the new model year vehicles to ensure compatibility with our existing kits. This process does take time, however, and we are constantly updating our supported vehicle database. If you are unable to find your vehicle model year in our product selection, we can custom build almost any mirror.

Q: I currently have EC (electrochromic) exterior mirrors on my vehicle, do the Signal® mirrors have this feature?
A: No, our Signal® mirrors do not have the EC (or self-dimming) feature available. You will need to “cap off” the wires for this feature during installation.

Q: When I install the Signal® Mirrors, they work with the turn indicators, when I have the lights on, but when they’re off, the mirrors are lit all of the time. What’s going on?
A: It’s likely your particular vehicle uses your front turn indicator lights as the Daytime Running Light (DRL) feature. You have the option to see if there is a process to disable the DRLs or connect to the rear turn indicator circuit. Be aware that many times the rear turn may also cause the mirrors to work with the brakes too, just like if a Brake Module was installed. This is a common occurrence on newer Corvettes.

Q: What is involved with installing the Signal Mirror® kit?
A: The basic steps, for most kits, to installing Signal® mirrors are: remove the door panel, disconnect and remove the mirror housing, remove the factory glass from the mirror housing, install the Signal® mirror in the mirror housing, route the Signal Mirror® wire harness through the door frame, and splice the Signal Mirror® wire harness into the left and right turn signal wires. To take a look at our installation instructions for a specific vehicle, please go to that vehicles page in our online store. Professional installation is recommended.

Q: Is it absolutely necessary to have the Signal® mirror installed by a professional? Can I do it myself?
A: It is not absolutely necessary to have a professional install Signal® mirrors, only recommended. Most Signal Mirror® installations require removing the vehicle’s door panels and plastic accessories. You can look at our installation instructions here to help you decide if you want to do the installation yourself. You can call us at 1-800-844-6616 or check out our Key Installer listing from here to help you find a recommended professional installer in your area. Most installations can be done in 1 to 2 hours by a professional and may take longer if you do the installation yourself.

Q: I’ve decided that I do need a professional installer. Where can I go?
A: You can call us at 1-800-844-6616 or download our Key Installer listing from here to help you find a recommended professional installer in your area. It is in .PDF format as well as a map and includes key installers for each state and additionally specific contacts and phone numbers within each company.

Q: I have power adjustable mirrors. Will Signal® mirrors allow me to keep my power adjustment?
A: Yes, our entire line of vehicle specific Signal Mirror® kits work with power mirrors and all of the power features operate as normal. Most of our kits are mirror glass replacements, not whole mirror housing replacements.

Q: I have manual adjustable mirrors. Will Signal® mirrors still work on my vehicle?
A: It depends. In certain situations Signal® mirrors will work on a vehicle with manual mirrors. A good example is the Dodge Dakota 5×7 mirror. Dodge makes both a manual and power mirror on that vehicle. Our Dakota 5×7 kit works on both manual and power mirrors. Most vehicles we support never had manual mirrors to begin with.

Q: Can I replace my heated factory mirrors with non-heated Signal® mirrors?
A: Yes. For any specific vehicle, our non-heated Signal Mirror® kits are the same size and shape as our heated Signal Mirror® kits, except there is no heater element on the back. Simply leave the factory heater wires disconnected and sealed in tape to prevent a short.

Q: Can I replace my non-heated factory mirrors with heated Signal® mirrors?
A: Yes you can! You will need to select the heated Signal Mirror® kit for your vehicle (if available) AND the H-Mod which adds the necessary wiring to safely allow use of the heated function on your Signal® mirrors. (We do not recommend installing heated Signal® mirrors on a vehicle that originally had non-heated mirrors while attempting to hook up the heater without the use of the H-Mod, as it is very possible to cause damage to the vehicle’s electrical system if the additional draw from the heaters on the mirrors is added to the wrong circuit.)

Q: What part of the mirror is replaced? The mirror or mirror housing?
A: Most of our kits replace the mirror glass only, not the mirror housing. This also means that the Signal® mirror does not interfere with the power features in your mirror housing or need additional painting prior to installation.

Q: I broke a mirror. Can I purchase just one mirror?
A: Yes! You will need to verify that you haven’t damaged the mirror housing or motor mounting so the new mirror will function properly. If everything is intact, you can order one mirror from the business where you originally purchased your Signal® mirrors, you can check out our Key Installer listing to find a local store to you, or you may contact us directly.

Q: Do Signal® mirrors come standard on any vehicles?
A: Yes, they do! As a matter of fact, during the 2007 model year, over 1,000,000 new vehicles will come equipped with Signal® mirrors. Contact your local dealer for availability. If Signal® mirrors aren’t standard, just check our online store to see if an after-market kit is available.

Q: Are there any vibration issues with Signal® mirrors?
A: We test all of our Signal Mirror® kits on many privately owned vehicles before releasing them to production. If we feel there may be a vibration issue on any particular vehicle, we include special discs or anti-vibration tabs that hold the mirror “tighter” to the mirror mount, which eliminates vibration. Often, our mirrors hold more securely to the mirror mount than the standard factory mirrors.

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