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Have you ever had a feeling of insecurity about your vehicle? Did you ever think that maybe you forgot to lock it or that maybe one of the windows was left open by accident? Millions of people have such a feeling every single day. However, after seeing their cars fully secured, they begin to relax. They remind themselves to make sure that they lock up their cars and roll the windows shut. However, you car IS NOT fully secured ever! We are talking about that one part of your car that is prone to theft regardless of the doors being locked or all the high-tech trackers within your car. We are talking about your side mirrors, a part of the car that has been known to be completely broken off by vandals to be sold. Sounds crazy? Never heard of such a thing?

Although it is unknown by many, thousands of people around the world come to their cars to find their side mirrors missing. This is because of the side mirror theft market where thieves come and sell the side mirrors of cars, earning a good amount of money by doing so. These people do not wish to steal your car, rather they simply break off both side mirrors of the car and can sell them, making a good amount of money.

So what now. Should you stop going to mall, or should you stop cleaning your car with the hope that the thieves would not want to touch a car covered in bird poop and dust. Should you start parking in well lighted parking areas or park where they have more security cameras. But guess again, it could happen to anyone anyplace. Welcome to the world of car mirror thieves!!

So what to do? Should you wait till the mirror thieves target your car? Secure your car’s side view mirrors with AutoMirrorGuard.com, today or your car mirrors may be their next target tomorrow. Our product lets you keep peace of mind, regardless of where you are.

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    In need of Mirror Guards for my 2012 Chevrolet Camaro 2ss, do not see them in catalog, how can I get them made? please quote me a price and time it will take to make them.
    My friend had purchased guards for his Silverado he is very happy with it, that is why I am on your site.

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